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Art Tatto Ideas On Pinterest

 Art has been a crucial aspect of European culture for centuries, and this is evident in every facet of society. From the classical sculptures of Greece to the contemporary street art of Berlin, art is an essential part of European history and identity. One form of art that has gained immense popularity in recent years is tattooing.

Tattoos have been a part of European culture for many years, with evidence of tattooed mummies dating back to the Bronze Age. It was only in the 19th century, with the arrival of wealthy Europeans who had been tattooed in Polynesia and Japan, that tattoos became more fashionable in Europe.

Today, there is a vast array of tattoo styles and techniques, from traditional tattoos to more contemporary styles such as watercolor, minimalist, and geometric designs. For those interested in getting a tattoo that is inspired by European art, here are some art tattoo ideas that they can consider:

1. Renaissance Art Tattoos

The Renaissance era which began in Italy in the 14th century is one of the most celebrated periods of European art history. The era is notable for its unique style of painting and sculptures, which were characterized by realism, perspective, and a renewed interest in ancient Greek and Roman art. Images of early Italian Renaissance paintings, such as Botticelli's The Birth of Venus or Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, can be used as inspiration to create a stunning tattoo design.

2. Baroque Art Tattoos

Baroque art is a style that was popular during the 17th century, characterized by its elaborate and detailed ornamentation. Baroque tattoos are perfect for those who want intricate tattoo designs that are both striking and attention-grabbing. Examples of Baroque art tattoos can include baptisms of Christ, cherubs, or ornate floral motifs.

3. Art Nouveau Tattoos

Art Nouveau is a style that was popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and it emphasizes flowing lines, curves, and natural forms. Art Nouveau tattoos are a perfect way to express an appreciation for the romanticism and elegance of this artistic style. Designs featuring swirling patterns, organic forms, and graceful floral motifs are typical of Art Nouveau tattoos.

4. Impressionist Art Tattoos

Impressionism is a 19th-century art movement that emphasizes the use of light and color to represent a subject. Impressionist art tattoos can incorporate the loose brushstrokes and vivid colors that are characteristic of the style, creating an effect that is both stunning and unique.

5. Street Art Tattoos

Street art is a form of contemporary art that is often graffiti-inspired and features an urban aesthetic. Street art tattoos are a perfect way to showcase a love for edgy and modern artistic styles, and designs can include murals, tags, or other street art subjects.


Tattoos inspired by European art can be a unique way to express an appreciation for art and history while also creating a stunning piece of body art. Whether it be the classical motifs of Renaissance art or the edgy urban aesthetic of street art, there is a wealth of inspiration to be found in the art of Europe. The options are limitless. With so many artists and styles to choose from, anyone can find a perfect tattoo design that speaks to their individual tastes and interests.

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